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Компоненты двигателя

Детали двигателей CTP® спроектированы и изготовлены для надежной работы в качестве единой системы. Мы постоянно совершенствуем наши производственные процессы, чтобы гарантировать, что вы получаете качественную продукцию на основе лучших технологий, присутствующих на рынке.


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Коленчатые валы

Опоры двигателя

Counter bored prechamber protects threads from combustion heat and shock. Flanges are roll burnished in the radius for increased strength and to eliminate cracking. Friction Welding process ensures a permanent bond between face and valve body Correct chrome plate thickness makes ring last longer. Made of eutectic aluminum silicon alloy for durability and fatigue resistance. Forged and precision machined from premium, high strength steel. Copper or aluminum bearing material based on variables unique to each engine system.
Manufactured to rigid tolerances for proper dimensions. Helps assure smooth sealing surfaces, no warping stresses, durability against cracking and wear. Induction hardened over full length to increase life and reusability Precision heat treatment provides optimal strength which prevents breaking or cracking Compression Rings made of high strength ductile iron. Specially ground and tapered over full length. Expands to fit liner perfectly at operating temperatures. All crankshaft are precision balanced, both statically and dynamically to provide long life Consistent wall thickness to help ensure proper clearance, uniform oil distribution
Proper machining of water outlet holes to help assure adequate cooling and easy installation. Bore Round over complete length which helps assure piston rings to conform to liner shape.     Controlled casting process ensures proper bonding.   Consistent crush height for proper clearance and oil flow
Rigid cleaning processes help assure internal passages are free of core sand and metal shavings       Special heat treatment modifies and improves the grain structure for added strength and durability.    
Loaded cylinder heads offer convenience.       Hard anodized crown for low friction and prolonged wear resistance.    

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